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Flow Solutions Ltd

Flow Solutions Ltd. was founded by Steve Fiddes in April 1991 to provide software and consultancy services in the field of aerodynamic and hydrodynamic design.

Our objective is the development of practical engineering solutions for fluid flow problems in a wide range of engineering disciplines based upon advanced computational techniques. The range of problems covered vary from detail design of aerodynamic components to prediction of the aerodynamic and hydrodynamic performance of complete systems.

Foremost amongst Flow Solutions activities is the development of NEWPAN, the advanced 3D panel method which is finding widespread application in the aerospace, automotive, and marine industries.

Particular emphasis is placed upon the usability of our software in a design context. To this end we have focussed considerable efforts towards providing pre-processing software capable of generating high quality surface grids for complex configurations. This software is finding application outside Computational Fluid Dynamics and is available to users in other fields, such as electromagnetic analysis, who require the generation of high quality surface grids.

We also offer design consultancy, drawing upon the experience of Company members in the fields of civil and military aerospace, yacht racing and motor racing.

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