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We develop and market Computational Fluid Dynamics software, including pre- and post-processors and solvers. Foremost amongst these is NEWPAN, the advanced 3D panel method, suitable for low-speed (subsonic) aerodynamic and hydrodynamic problems.

Flow Solutions has a wide customer base, in particular in the following industries:

Key products we offer include the following:

  • NEWPAN - the 3D panel method with unstructured grid support
  • NEWPAN2D - inverse airfoil section design and strong viscous coupling
  • PANSAIL - sail aerodynamics for yacht designers and sail makers
  • GEMS - the versatile CAD geometry pre-processor
  • VIEWPAN - advanced 3D visualisation and 2D sectional graph viewing

Are you a panel method user? See here why you should take a look at NEWPAN.

Wing and Aerofoil Design

An area in which we provide industry leading capabilities is the design of Wings and aerofoils(airfoils). Are you stuck with a purely 2D method? Or a computationally expensive 3D analysis-only method that's impossible to use for direct design/optimisation? Let us show you wing design the NEWPAN way

News: Unsteady NEWPAN

Dynamic aeroelastics of complete aircraft

Now available - USNEWPAN: a fast, practical, tool for linear dynamic aeroelasticity including flutter analysis. Full wetted area aerodynamic solutions in the frequency domain - for standalone modal analysis, or coupled to a structural solver for aeroelastics. A major leap forward compared to traditional DLM doublet lattice methods.

Read more about USNEWPAN and aeroelasticity here.

Other News

Focus: Radiator Design

Racecar Sidepod Duct Design

Newest addition to the Flow Solutions stable is RADPAN - the radiator and duct design tool. Using streamline tracing logic, optimal shapes for free or partially constrained ducts can be produced very quickly.

Read about RADPAN here

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