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12/09/05: Unsteady NEWPAN

Dynamic aeroelastics of complete aircraft
Now available - USNEWPAN: a fast, practical, tool for linear dynamic aeroelasticity including flutter analysis. Full wetted area aerodynamic solutions in the frequency domain - for standalone modal analysis, or coupled to a structural solver for aeroelastics. A major leap forward compared to traditional DLM doublet lattice methods.

Read more about USNEWPAN and aeroelasticity here.

30/06/04: Indy 500 Victory

The winning team
Congratulations to Buddy Rice, Rahal-Letterman Racing and constructors Panoz/G-Force for their victory in the Indy 500. Buddy Rice won the race from pole, with his team-mate setting the fastest lap.
Their Panoz/G-Force GF09B racecar benefitted from an aerodynamic design optimised with the help of NEWPAN.

Read how NEWPAN plays a key role in developing a race-winning aerodynamic design.

17/03/04: Magnum light aircraft

The magnum VLA
The Magnum VLA is a quantum leap in light aircraft design and performance. Optimised in the design phase, using NEWPAN, the wing section design produces a large laminar flow region. The aeroplane produces low-drag, high-efficiency cruise performance.

Read how NEWPAN is continuing to play a key role in the aerodynamic design of many types of aircraft.

29/03/03: F1 Season 2003

The all-new B.A.R. Honda 005
The Formula 1 season kicked off in Melbourne on the 9th March. One-lap qualifying adds both excitement and unpredictability. The teams have been preparing their cars to meet a recently agreed package of changes to the sporting and technical regulations. Read how NEWPAN is continuing to play a key role in the aerodynamic design of the latest F1 cars.

11/12/02: NEWPAN and Optimisation

A presentation by QinetiQ users at the recent MIRA Vehicle Aerodynamics Conference describes the use of NEWPAN to drive the 3D shape optimisation of an F1 rear-wing assembly. Read about NEWPAN 3D optimisation here

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