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GEMS: Geometrical Exchange and Meshing Software

- the "Customised CAD" solution for Aerodynamics and Engineering Analysis

Hybrid NEWPAN grid generation on f16 CAD model

Structured panelling of a front wing and end plate assembly

Automatic wake generation in GEMS for a rear wing assembly

GEMS has been developed as a versatile geometry pre-processor for engineering analysis, principally for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) codes. Its key feature is the way in which it integrates with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) systems by providing native support for all CAD geometry. GEMS provides pre-processing to a range of CFD codes, from vortex-lattice to multiblock Navier-Stokes, and to numerical analysis methods in other fields such as electromagnetics. Its "plugin" architecture enables core functionality to be supplemented by application-specific support. For example the NEWPAN and SAUNA Plugins provide custom interfaces respectively to Flow Solutions' panel method and QinetiQ's multiblock system.

GEMS provides an easy-to-use, powerful method for rapidly converting geometrical models produced within a CAD system (input typically as surfaces via IGES or STEP, or as point sets) to surface grids for CFD. This stage has in the past proved to be the major bottleneck in the analysis cycle, estimated by NASA to account for 70% to 80% of the overall solution time. GEMS is designed to address this by providing functionality such as CAD surface repair, CAD surface construction and modification, and structured and unstructured surface grid generation. These tools are presented in a way that is designed to be accessible to the application engineer who may not necessarily have prior CAD expertise.

Key Functionality provided by GEMS

  • A 3D environment for displaying, creating and manipulating geometry;
  • Import from CAD via reliable and flexible IGES and STEP readers. These include powerful consistency checks and "fix and continue" repair and filtering options.
  • Native support for all geometric and topological CAD entities, including complex trimmed surface topologies (faces, shells, wires, etc.) built on both NURBS and analytic geometry;
  • Geometric construction, modification and repair; tools to cope with imperfect geometric models containing gaps and overlaps. Should it prove necessary to add or modify geometry, you won't be obliged to return to the originating CAD system;
  • Structured and unstructured surface grid generation and editing;
  • Application specific model generation and export; integrated access to solver execution and post-processing via the RUNWAY launch tool

GEMS is a joint development between Flow Solutions Ltd and QinetiQ

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