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GEMS: Geometrical Exchange and Meshing Software

- the "Customised CAD" solution for Aerodynamics and Engineering Analysis

Entity Creation

    Creation of points and lines:
  • placement by graphical creation, relative to other geometry, and/or by giving one or more coordinate component explicitly (x,y,z,dx,dy,dz, distance along a direction, point of intersection, normal to a segment etc.);
  • distribution of points along sections using a very wide choice of arc length based distribution types;
  • by projection and intersection;
  • by taking interactive "slices" through surface grids;
    Creation of curves and wires
  • Bezier and BSpline freeform creation; select, create and/or edit the control vertices;
  • By point interpolation;
  • Advanced Bezier/BSpline curve fitting: specify the tolerance, degree, number of Bezier segments and optionally start and end tangencies. This is a superb tool for the generation and smoothing of aerofoil sections from point data;
  • From the isoparametric curves along surfaces;
  • From surface trimming loops and edges;
  • By projection of lines and curves onto surfaces;
  • By advanced intersection of surfaces and/or planes. Using high-end CAD techniques, high quality intersections with fine tolerance control may be made between complex topological surfaces (connected or disconnected patch networks).
    Creation of surfaces
  • Bezier freeform creation;
  • Ruled surfaces;
  • Swept surfaces;
  • Surfaces of revolution;
  • Ferguson and C2 continuous bicubic surfaces by point interpolation;
  • Advanced NURBS surface fitting given rectangular point data: specify tolerance, degrees in each parametric direction and optionally surface tangencies;
  • Surface fitting to arbitrary point clusters. This uses an advanced algorithm based on the principle of the deformation of a plate by localised forces; the solution satisfies the constraints with minimum energy input;
  • Powerful "repair" surfacing: creating a surface to fill a hole (specify any number of edge curves, respecting tangency)
  • Surfaces by modification of existing surfaces (direct editing of control points, untrimming, and adding trimming loops).

Entity Modification

    Transform any entity type:
  • Translate
  • Rotate
  • Scale
  • Stretch
  • Reflect
  • Build your own complex transform
  • Freeform transforms and alignments
    Entity and point projection:
  • onto lines
  • onto planes
  • onto surfaces (normal to the surface or in a specified direction)
  • Topological operations on curves and surfaces such as Cut and Fuse; connecting surface patches to form a shell, and curves to form a wire
  • reorient surfaces, grids etc.
  • reverse lines, curves etc.
  • smoothly reprofiling section lines by performing a "NURBS Edit" - fitting a curve and editing the curve descriptor;
  • smoothly recontouring a quadrilateral grid by fitting and editing a NURBS surface;
  • trim and untrim surfaces, curves, lines
  • projection: onto lines, planes, surfaces (normal or in a specified direction)
  • split and merge

Entity management

  • create assemblies and assign entities to assemblies
  • cut
  • copy
  • paste, and paste over
  • delete
  • rename
  • change display properties, e.g. colour, lighting, tessellation
  • powerful multi-step undo/redo
  • scripting for complex and repetitive sequences

Entity Analysis

  • decoding entities, at different levels;
  • interrogating point coordinates, distances, angles, tangencies, perimeters etc.
  • graphical analysis of grid quality;
  • comparison of grids and fitted surfaces with original CAD surfaces (distance, tangency);
  • export of entities such as redesigned surfaces to IGES and STEP

GEMS is a joint development between Flow Solutions Ltd and QinetiQ

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