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GEMS: Geometrical Exchange and Meshing Software

- the "Customised CAD" solution for Aerodynamics and Engineering Analysis

The GEMS User Interface

Users of 3D CAD systems will feel instantly at home with GEMS. Other application engineers who have no wish to become CAD experts will find GEMS considerably easier to master than the large, and sometimes unwieldy, contemporary CAD systems. GEMS provides "customised CAD": the functionality you need to perform the specific task, in an accessible and customised form.

GEMS features interactive and intuitive mouse or spaceball-driven 3D viewing and picking. Any viewer may be configured to view from a particular axis-aligned or general direction, with orthographic or perspective projection. One or several views may be displayed simultaneously, in which the same or a different set of entities are displayed. Viewpoints may be slaved, to allow different models to be compared side-by-side from identical viewing directions. There is both automatic and manual control available over the positioning of the rotation centre, the point about which the model appears to rotate in the view.

Entities may be displayed in various styles, such as wireframe (with or without hidden lines) and as lit and shaded solids/surfaces. Display parameters such as surface tessellation angle and deflection limits may be customised. Hardcopy output to Postscript or TIFF is provided.

Comprehensive graphical picking of entities includes single selection, box selection, line and loop selection. If several entities are being displayed over the top of one another, pick cycling allows you to easily select the one you want. It is usually possible to pick an entity at any one of several different "levels" - for example a single point, a single section, a complete grid, or the whole model.

The Entity Selector provides its own structural "window" onto the GEMS database. It may be used to manage and view the grouping of entities into assemblies, to see which entities are displayed and which are selected, and to pick entities by name. The tree structure of the database may be explored and the contents of individual assemblies expanded or hidden. Entities may be displayed in different sequences, for example sorting by name or by type. Different types of entities are instantly recognisable by their individual icons.

To access functions a main menu bar contains most of the available operations. This is supplemented by a context sensitive popup menu allowing various operations depending upon the type of entity selected. Sometimes a more complex operation may accept several user inputs, in which case these options will be presented in a dialog box. There is short-cut access to all of the most common commands, including the last 10 commands you entered.

One of the most powerful capabilities of the user interface is support for macros/scripting. Despite the highly interactive nature of GEMS, with careful design it has been possible to make available a macro command language. A complex series of operations may be "captured" and written to a macro file, which may be edited, called from other scripts, and replayed in whole or in part. Scripts may be replayed interactively, or in non-graphical "quiet" mode. Macros are extremely useful when performing edits on several topologically similar, but geometrically different, models.

Multiple level undo/redo is supported - not only for database/entity changes, but also for display changes. Full Save and Restore is provided, allowing projects to be shared, subdivided, and continued at a later date, and affording peace of mind that your work cannot be lost. Context sensitive help uses your favourite web browser to display the specific section of the manual pertaining to the current operation you're performing. On-line tutorials are also accessible.

GEMS is a joint development between Flow Solutions Ltd and QinetiQ

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