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Use of the GEMS preprocessor extends well beyond its role as the standard front end for the NEWPAN panel method. Thanks to its versatility as a general CAD-to-CFD interface, GEMS is being used successfully as the pre-processor of choice for a wide range of methods from vortex lattice to Navier-Stokes. The GEMS-SAUNA interface is an example of the support provided by GEMS for volume-based CFD codes.


The SAUNA advanced CFD system from QinetiQ Ltd, using GEMS as the Graphical User Interface, enables rapid, high accuracy modelling of aero- and hydrodynamic cases using structured multiblock grids. Development, validation and extensive use of the SAUNA code, with challenging military and civil airframes, has been central to aerodynamics work at QinetiQ, formerly the UK Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, for more than 15 years.

The multiblock topology generation is automated through an interactive process to determine block decomposition, component associated embedding, block dimensioning, etc. SAUNA can handle complex configurations and interactions, such as wing, body, pylon and nacelle.

Surface elliptic grids are generated at each of the airframe and farfield surfaces as well as "control" planes in the field. The surface grids can be edited interactively within GEMS, giving the capability to redefine point distributions along block boundaries to maximise grid quality. An elliptic field grid is generated within the domain between these bounding surface grids.

SAUNA offers finite volume inviscid (Euler) and viscous (viscous coupled Euler or Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes) flow solvers using multi-grid convergence acceleration techniques.

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Topology defintion for F16 model(click for larger image) Editing the canopy grid on the F16 model(click for larger image)

GEMS is a joint development between Flow Solutions Ltd and QinetiQ
SAUNA is developed by ARA Ltd and owned by QinetiQ

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