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We would like to invite you to spend a few moments browsing the pages giving more detailed information on our products, their applications, and examples of the extensive experimental validations that have been performed. Please contact us for any further information.


The advanced 3D panel method for low speed aerodynamic and hydrodynamic problems in the aerospace, automotive, and marine industries.

  • well established source/doublicity Dirichlet/Neumann panel method
  • hybrid (mixed unstructured and structured) grid support
  • unsteady, rotary and free-surface modules
  • aero-structural coupling
  • interface to inverse aerofoil design with strong viscous coupling
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GEMS Preprocessor

The "Customised CAD" solution for Aerodynamics and Engineering Analysis

  • A 3D environment for displaying, creating and manipulating geometry
  • Import from CAD via reliable and flexible IGES and STEP readers
  • Native support for all geometric and topological CAD entities
  • Geometric construction, modification and repair
  • Structured and unstructured surface grid generation and editing
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VIEWPAN Postprocessor

Powerful postprocessing for NEWPAN and other CFD codes.

  • A 3D environment for displaying and interrogating CFD results
  • Powerful capabilities for presentation of 3D and 2D sectional results
  • An integrated Entity/Run Selector and "CAD style" database hierarchy
  • An interactive 3D "slicer" and a unique 3D Graph Viewer
  • On- and off-surface streamline visualisation
  • NEWPAN2D interface for strong viscous coupling and inverse design
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Unique capabilities for the analysis and design of aerofoils and wings

  • inviscid analysis of multi-element aerofoils
  • strong viscous coupling for accurate lift and drag even with flow separation
  • an inverse aerofoil redesign procedure
  • redesign by direct profile modification
  • application of all these features to 3D wing design
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Sail aerodynamics for yacht designers and sail makers.

In combination with RELAX 2, a structural analysis method for tensile structures, the loaded sail shapes are computed, with aerodynamic forces and sailcloth stress


The RUNWAY Launch Tool

The Fully Integrated CFD "Office" Suite

  • 100% compatibility and interoperability between Flow Solutions' software
  • tight integration of solver, pre- and post- processors
  • automatic launching of software tools and exchange of data and results
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