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NEWPAN Free Surface Modelling Module (FREEPAN)

Click to enlarge FREEPAN solution for a trimaran Click to enlarge FREEPAN solution for a monohull yacht showing combined dynamic and hydrostatic pressures on keel Click to enlarge FREEPAN solution for a fully submerged body

The free surface module (FREEPAN) is a powerful enhancement of NEWPAN that provides a capability to predict the unsteady, fully nonlinear response of a free surface to the unsteady motion of a floating or submerged body. The body, modelled via GEMS, can perform arbitrary motions in the time domain, or simply pursue a steady motion. It can comprise lifitng as well as nonlifting components.

The free surface module predicts both the nonlinear free surface shape and motion and the effects of the free surface on the body. It has been used to study:

  • wave resistance on sailing vessels
  • the interaction between lifting keels and the free surface for yachts at heel
  • yacht keels and bulbs, using the wing design capability of NEWPAN
  • the response of the free surface to the unsteady motion of a submerged body

Although the free-surface module is an important tool for hydrodynamic studies by clients and consultancy within the company, other studies using semi-empirical/analytical techniques can also be undertaken. See Marine Solutions for further details.

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