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Panel method CFD solutions are firmly founded on well established methodologies, but are you aware just how far they have matured? Let us show you where we are taking them...


NEWPAN is an advanced 3D panel method for the computation of external aerodynamic and hydrodynamic problems in the aerospace, automotive, and marine industries.

It is used by championship winning Formula One teams and CART motor racing teams. It is also employed by the Americas Cup yacht racing teams for hull and keel design in conjunction with its sister code PANSAIL.

NEWPAN is also in use in the wider aerospace industry, especially for complex high lift configurations and wind tunnel wall modelling, where wall constraint corrections can be computed and applied to experimental results.

NEWPAN features a design capability, enabling for instance a wing to be designed to give a prescribed lift distribution, and returning the shape necessary to achieve it.

NEWPAN and the associated suite of graphical pre- and post-processors is available now on a range of UNIX workstations. Whilst sharing a common solver, different versions of NEWPAN are available to support the aerospace, automotive, and marine sectors. For example, a specific version of NEWPAN is available for racecar applications

NEWPAN highlights

  • well established source/doublicity Dirichlet/Neumann panel method
  • unstructured and structured surface meshes fully supported
  • mixed thick and thin surfaces (one or two sided)
  • unlimited problem sizes - dynamic array allocation and C++ program design
  • fast accelerated block-iterative matrix solver
  • full support for execution in parallel on multiple CPU's/clusters
  • non-uniform onset flow
  • instantaneous pitch,roll,yaw rates
  • inverse aerofoil design with strong viscous coupling
  • integration with the GEMS preprocessor and VIEWPAN postprocessor
  • extensive validation
    Optional modules providing:
  • unsteady solutions in the frequency domain - USNEWPAN
  • aero-structural coupling - aeroelastics
  • interfacing to 3D optimisers
  • wind tunnel wall modelling
  • modelling of rotary flows (propellers, ducted fans etc.)
  • unsteady (vortex lattice) methods for aircraft dynamics and control
  • the LESA module for modelling vortex flow/leading edge separations
  • non-linear free-surface wave modelling for hydrodynamic problems

NEWPAN model of a full F1 car (2 minutes for solution)

blended wing-body concept.

ducted rotor and spinner.

high-lift configuration, modelled with wind tunnel walls.

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