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NEWPAN for Existing Panel Method Users

Are you a Panel Method User?

Take a look at the following selection of NEWPAN features and ask yourself if your panel method supports all of the following:

  • unstructured (and structured) grids
  • unlimited problem sizes (no fixed arrays)
  • seamless integration with pre- and post-processors
  • execution in parallel on multiple CPU's/clusters
  • recursive sub-panelling (necessary for accurate off-body velocity results)
  • multipole techniques for rapid execution even on very large problems
  • wakes defined topologically and created with independence from the detailed body panelling
  • interface to strong viscous coupling including viscous wake free shear layers
  • inverse design method allowing sectional design in a 3D flowfield
  • static and dynamic aeroelastics
  • fully non-linear hydrodynamic free surface modelling

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