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PANSAIL is an advanced vortex-lattice code that has many new features leading to improved accuracy of results for even a small number of panels and has been optimized for use in the design and analysis of yacht sails.

PANSAIL is able to calculate the pressure distribution on either side of a thin surface so that a boundary layer calculation can be performed to predict the viscous drag on the sail and the onset of flow separation and lift loss.

Wakes can be shed from the leech and foot of any sail, and a wake roll-up calculation is used to give an accurate estimation of sail loads.

PANSAIL has been integrated with the structural analysis code RELAX (written by Peter Heppel) to give a truly coupled system that can predict the flying shape of a sail in response to sheet tensions, mold layups, etc - in fact PANSAIL/RELAX allows the user to effectively sail his rig via the keyboard, and investigate the effects of different sail trims.

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