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- The Radiator Duct Design Tool

Partially constrained sidepod diffuser shape

Radiator intake constrained to throat geometry.

Family of ducts, with different mass flow rates.

Racecar sidepod with side wall constraint.

RADPAN enables users to rapidly compute near optimal 'streamline diffuser' duct shapes, for free radiator faces, or partially constrained duct shapes.

Streamline diffusers provide efficient diffusion, with significantly reduced separation over conventional constant pressure or cosine ducts. RADPAN uses streamline tracing logic to rapidly compute these duct shapes. Side walls, constraint walls or partial inlet geometry can be added to control the flow and constrain duct shape.

Like its sister code NEWPAN. RADPAN will run in parallel, and supports non-uniform onset flow definition and unstructured grids. GEMS provides the tools to convert the streamlines into new surfaces for input into NEWPAN or export to CAD systems.

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