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The RUNWAY Launch Tool

- The Fully Integrated CFD "Office" Suite

One of the frustrations expressed by most CFD users is the number of mutually incompatible pieces of software that they are required to marshall in order to complete any given task.

Flow Solutions have been extremely careful to ensure that our codes provide 100% compatibility and interoperability and enable a continuous route from basic geometry to post- processed solution - typically with no manual command line or text file processing, and all peformed in a single session.

This is facilitated courtesy of the RUNWAY launch tool, which controls the execution and workflow from pre-processor, to solver, to post-processor. The VIEWPAN post-processor shares its powerful viewing, picking, database and entity management features with the GEMS pre-processor: 100% compatibility of the user interface between pre- and post-processors is guaranteed. This shortens the learning process and increases productivity.

Execution of the solver is enabled directly from GEMS. Thanks to its Plugin architecture, a number of different solvers may be supported. The Plugins provide customised pulldown menus, specialised entity support and import/export and execution methods. One such Plugin provides support for the NEWPAN panel method. Another provides support for the SAUNA multiblock system.

A typical workflow for an aerodynamic design session may be as follows:

  • Launch GEMS from RUNWAY;
  • Import and/or model the original configuration in GEMS;
  • Run NEWPAN from GEMS;
  • RUNWAY automatically launches and displays the results in VIEWPAN;
  • Analyse the results and rerun or redesign (e.g. running NEWPAN2D) directly from VIEWPAN;
  • Pass the redesigned geometry directly from VIEWPAN to GEMS;
  • Export the redesigned geometry from GEMS (as surfaces or points) to IGES or STEP

The integration and transfer of data between running applications justifies our claims to provide "the Office Suite of CFD"!

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