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The VIEWPAN Post-Processor

VIEWPAN has principally been developed as a powerful post-processor for the NEWPAN panel method. It provides rich functionality for surface and flowfield visualisation (and is often used out of choice by our customers to post-process other CFD codes).

VIEWPAN forms one element of the tightly integrated CFD suite launched from RUNWAY. The close coupling between solver, pre- and post-processors allows direct transfer of data between the running applications, compatibility of user interfaces, and an unbroken workflow.

Key Functionality provided by VIEWPAN

  • A 3D environment for displaying and interrogating NEWPAN (and other CFD) results;
  • An entity/model "CAD style" database hierarchy, enabling easy management and analysis of several different models simultaneously;
  • An integrated Entity/Run Selector, enabling comparison of any number of runs (incidences, wake relaxations, etc) across any number of models;
  • A Variable Selector for management/display of flowfield variables, including those of streamlines and viscous boundary layers.
  • Powerful viewing capabilities for presentation of 3D and 2D sectional results.
  • A unique 3D Graph Viewer: "like carpet plotting, but better"
  • An interactive 3D "slicer" - take sectional cuts through a model, and display the results, in any arbitrary plane
  • Interactive on-surface streamline generation. "Point and click" streamline seeding, and/or multiple streamline painting
  • Off-surface streamline visualisation
  • On-surface streamline viscous boundary layer development. Clear 3D visualisation of areas of separation and lines of transition.
  • Integration of sectional properties; computation and display of spanwise loadings
  • An interface to NEWPAN2D, providing strong viscous coupling and inverse design capabilities
  • Complete support for NEWPAN-specific visualisation, e.g. relaxed wake visualisation, non-uniform onset flow, free surfaces and image systems.
  • Postscript and TIFF hardcopy output

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