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Flow Solutions and its personnel have accumulated several decades of wide ranging industrial and research expertise in the aerospace sector. Prior to full time involvement with the Company, Steve Fiddes, one of Flow Solutions' Principals, was Professor of Aerodynamics at the University of Bristol, and before this was Superintendent of the Basic Aerodynamics Division, Royal Aircraft Establishment Farnborough.

Flow Solutions' products and consultancy are widely deployed within aerospace. An important customer and development partner is QinetiQ (formerly DERA, the UK Government agency for aerospace evaluation and research).

Products and consultancy across civil and military aerospace, include the following applications
  • Low-speed, subsonic aerodynamics
  • High lift wing design
  • Rapid and inexpensive performance estimates
  • Preliminary and conceptual design onwards
  • Viscous/boundary layer flows
  • Vortical flows, leading edge separations
  • Dynamics and control, manoeuvring
  • Wind tunnel blockage corrections and adaptive wall design
  • Aero-structural coupling, static aeroelastics
  • Flutter
  • Complex airframe integration, powerplant installations
  • Icing calculations
  • Acoustics: aerodynamic noise
  • Stores carriage and release
  • Aero-structural coupling, static and dynamic aeroelastics.

civil airframe/powerplant investigation

High lift civil aircraft configuration in wind tunnel
Offbody streamlines for a blended wing-body concept.

Examples follow of a few of the extensive validations of our products that have been performed in the aerospace sector.

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