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Presented here are NEWPAN results compared with experimental data for a model that formed a key part of the UK National High-Lift Program. Results shown here are for an incidence of 10.1 degrees and a Mach number of 0.2.

Pressure results (Cp) are shown for the solution, as a gouraud shaded colour map.

Streamlines and wake filaments Wing/Flap detail showing unstructured grid patch used on body 3D graph plot of Cp results

Sectional pressure plots at 4 spanwise stations are shown. The line is the Newpan solution, the stars are pressure tappings from wind tunnel analysis. NEWPAN provided excellent correlation with these test results. This included correct capturing of the U-shaped upper surface flap pressure distribution at its outboard end, which is due to the flap tip vortex rollup, and which other codes failed to predict.

Eta = 0.49 Eta = 0.52
Eta = 0.54 Eta = 0.553

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