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For a two dimensional flat plate in inviscid, incompressible flow, it is possible to derive exact solutions for the unsteady pressures, forces and moments as the plate undergoes rigid body motion such as heave and pitch.

To assist in the verification of the unsteady NEWPAN method, Flow Solutions have compared the 2D exact results with the USNEWPAN results at the centreline of a 3D unswept high aspect ratio (AR=21) wing (hence closely approximating to a 2D solution).

Plots below show the real and imaginary parts of the unsteady pressures compared to the exact solution. Delta Cp, the difference in pressure coefficient across the plate, is shown.

The USNEWPAN results are so close to the exact solution that it is virtually impossible to tell the curves apart.

Use the interactive NEWPAN results browser to view the comparision with exact results data.
Click on the plot for a magnified view in the region of the trailing edge.

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