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NEWPAN Full Scale Racecar Validation Studies

A high degree of confidence in the validity of its results has been built up, not simply by referring to standard aerospace test cases, but by using genuine racecar data.

Through consultancy involvement, extensive validation has been performed with NEWPAN, using on-track racecar data-logger results and full- and sub-scale wind tunnel data. Much of the data is company confidential, but the following front and rear wing results can be presented.

The figure below shows a comparison between NEWPAN and full scale wind tunnel results for the upper elements of a complete Formula One rear wing assembly.

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Excellent agreement with experimental results was obtained by modelling the entire test configuration. In addition to the upper and lower wing elements and endplates, the mounting structure and the wind tunnel walls were also modelled. After validation in the test configuration, NEWPAN was used to enhance the value of the test further by quantifying the influence of the support structure and tunnel walls on the rear wing assembly. Subsequent modelling of the complete car allowed the influence of the rest of the configuration to be included. Similar studies have also been performed for the front wing assembly, showing good agreement with on-car track test data.

NEWPAN results have also been useful in highlighting inaccuracies in other modelling techniques, most noticeably the problems inherent in small scale wind tunnel testing. The integral boundary layer method allows a rapid comparison between flowfield characteristics at model scale compared to those at full scale. This helps to avoid the likelihood of unforeseen problems on the racecar due to testing at lower Reynolds numbers, and allows wind tunnel results or test procedures to be modified accordingly.

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