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Products and consultancy across civil and military aerospace, including the following applications

  • Low-speed, subsonic aerodynamics
  • High lift wing design
  • Viscous/boundary layer flows
  • Vortical flows, leading edge separations
  • Dynamics and control, manoeuvring
  • Wind tunnel blockage corrections and adaptive wall design
  • Aero-structural coupling, static aeroelastics and flutter
  • Icing calculations
  • Acoustics: aerodynamic noise
  • Stores carriage and release


Products with a strong racing pedigree. Flow Solutions and its personnel have approaching 15 years experience of the application of panel methods to racecar aerodynamic design. Every F1 World Champion since Nigel Mansell has benefitted from aerodynamics developed with the help of NEWPAN.

  • Customised "car" versions supporting front/rear ride height maps
  • Design of multi-element high downforce wings in ground effect
  • Underbody and diffuser design
  • Cooling: radiator duct design
  • Wind tunnel blockage corrections: adding value to experimental data


Products and consultancy from Naval submersibles to Challenge-winning America's Cup yachts (from the foil-stabilised monohull "Blue Arrow" through to the current Challenge).

  • Below the waterline: NEWPAN free-surface panel method
  • Above the waterline: PANSAIL sail design
  • Development of VPP performance prediction programs


Aerodynamic solutions and consultancy to projects requiring accurate wind loadings on structures

  • The Glasgow Wing Tower
  • Kansai International airport: roof aerodynamics
  • Channel tunnel: prediction of loads e.g. light fitting design

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Flow Solutions' CFD solutions and consultancy have successfully been employed in projects from a diverse range of other industries

  • turbomachinery, pumps
  • energy generation, wind turbines - acoustics, blade element design
  • trains, rail transportation
  • acoustics
  • human powered vehicles


Flow Solutions offers a strong University Program to provide graduate, undergraduate and research students with access to our products at a fraction of the commercial fee. NEWPAN is especially suitable for usage in a university environment thanks to its low computational overheads and ease of use.

We are proud to have contributed to pure research in addition to applied engineering, for example studies of animal motion through air and water.

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